Season 2 Finale: Life after Transformation


What happens after your make a big transformation in your life? Feminine Infusion and Idea Dinners Founder explores that question in this season finale of the Who You Know Podcast. Taking active steps to change your life can put you on a new path and create momentum for doing even bigger things. But even when you reach a goal or hit a milestone, there can still be setbacks and challenges along the way. 

In this episode Lacey reflects on the changes she's made in her life and where she is in this moment. She also reflects on her takeaway from all the guests who have been featured on the podcast this season and advice for taking action in your own life. You'll also get a sneak preview of Season 3 of the podcast that will launch early next year. 

S2; Ep. 14: Stop Doubting and Start Manifesting with Shauna Altes


Are you tired of letting doubt run the show? If so, today's episode is all about how to open yourself up to creative possibilities and bring your dreams into fruition. Manifesting isn't always as easy as just changing your thoughts and today's guest Shauna Altes, founder of Maple Box Kids, shares how she's manifested more than $14,000 for a Kickstarter campaign to launch her business, investment to scale her business and her dream home. 

In 2011 Shauna began her career in the wedding industry, owning her own wedding planning company . In 2013 she expanded and founded a floral company and built the business to create events for multiple weddings a weekend all over central Florida. In the midst of weddings every weekend her two little boys were growing fast and she craved time with them. She was overwhelmed with the amount of clutter that caused stress in her home. She wanted to simplify and dig deep instead of wide.

She made it her mission to remove the clutter from her life and to keep only the things that brought deep joy and satisfaction, and she designed toys, stories and experiences that made quality time with her boys easier and impact on the environment minimal so she could focus on the joy of spending time together.

This is why she created Maple Box Kids and The to help bring clarity and connection into others lives.

S2; Ep. 13: Eating with Intention - Sabrina Dora-Lopez


Slowing down and taking time to create beautiful meals that tell a story is a passion Sabrina Dora-Lopez has brought to life as a personal chef in Miami. Her unique approach and incredible knowledge of herbs and foods with healing powers is what we are focusing on today! By transforming our relationships with food we have the power to make authentic choices and eat with intention. Not only are we discussing our mutual love for food but we’ll also be talking about:

  • The power of alignment and how to stay the path when facing challenges

  • How shifts in life can lead to innovation in your business

  • How to create connections and community through storytelling

  • Why getting creative with food could help lead to your next big breakthrough

Connect with Sabrina here or @vestafoods on Instagram

S2; Ep. 12: The Transformation of Motherhood with Jaime Nolan


There’s no doubt about it, having kids can change everything. As women it can be complex to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood while giving ourselves permission to live authentically, follow our desires and create an identity outside of our role as parents. On today’s podcast Jaime Nolan, life coach and mother of three, gives the real deal on her own transformation as a mother. In this episode we are discussing:

  • Why making the decision to have kids isn’t always black & white

  • How to surrender your plans while being intentional about your time and energy

  • Why mom guilt never goes away but how you can make peace with it

  • Why you can’t have it all but you can create space for your own pursuits and work

  • How to avoid the parent obligation trap so you can have more time for what truly matters

  • How to define your own identity outside motherhood

  • How to slowly build a successful business as a new mom

Connect with Jaime here or @jaimenolan on Instagram!

S2; Ep. 11: Reinventing Yourself and Failing Forward with Candis Hickman

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Obstacles in life can turn into opportunities for starting over and reinventing yourself. When Candis Hickman moved to the U.S. from Australia in 2011, she gained a life partner but the move also mean professional sacrifices and the loss of her credentials as an occupational therapist. Through determination and belief in herself Candis set out to find her voice and forge a new career path in the spotlight. Now as a personal branding and digital marketing coach in Miami, Candis helps women define their unique stories and become known.

In today’s episode we are discussing:

  • How setbacks and failures can be the springboard for a new beginning

  • How to let go of who you were to become the person you want to be

  • How to dream bigger instead of settling for “just enough.”

  • Why you should quickly respond to inspiration and intuitive ideas

  • What you gain from failing and how to turn it into a new opportunity

  • Why spirit matters more than strategy

  • What to do when manifesting only gets you halfway to your dreams

Candis Hickman believes that becoming known is every woman’s birthright, and that each of us has the potential to make an unforgettable impression on the world. But to become known in a noisy, judgemental world takes authenticity, courage and a distinct sense of style. This is why Candis teaches spirit-led female entrepreneurs how to create their stand-out brand with a unique blend of creativity and soul. 

Born and raised in Australia, Candis started her career as an Occupational Therapist. When a move to the United States in 2011 resulted in the loss of her professional credentials, she was forced to reinvent herself. Working a minimum wage job at the mall by day and posing as a socialite by night, Candis set out to find her voice and forge a new career path in the spotlight.

With zero on-camera experience, she landed a role as the host for WJYS’ Urban Access TV. From notable interviews with music icons Ice-Cube, Twista & Sway Calloway, to George Kotsiopoulos of E!’s Fashion Police & Nazr Mohammed of the Chicago Bulls, Candis slowly established her personal brand in the local market, proving that good branding can triumph over formal business training.

In early 2017 Candis relocated to Miami, Florida where she launched her online coaching business teaching female entrepreneurs how to build their profitable personal brand. Her work has been featured in Time Out Miami magazine, Fete Lifestyle Magazine, Voyage MIA Magazine, The Gifters podcast, and the popular Chicago-based video magazine Glossed & Found, to name a few. She is also the founder of The Miami Girl; a growing community of over 600 creative business-women in the South Florida area.

S2; Ep. 10: Healing Your Relationship with Food / Eleonora Bastos


When it comes to transforming our bodies, food can be a prickly topic. If you struggling with calorie-counting or restrictive diets then you know how frustrating it can be to find balance. But what if you could get off the diet train forever and eat what you wanted without guilt or shame? 

On today's episode I'm chatting with Eleonora Bastos of The Diet Free Project about how we can heal our relationships with food once and for all. In this episode we are discussing: 

  • Cultural mixed messages that lead to body shame and unhealthy relationships with food. 

  • How body dysmorphia influences our self talk and body image. 

  • The emotional and psychological reasons we over-eat, binge or have hangups about food. 

  • The difference between stress eating and binge eating and why so many of us struggle in this area. 

  • Why you don't need to have an eating disorder to heal your relationship with food and your body. 

  • How stress impacts your nervous system and stifles your weight loss goals. 

  • How to eat for pleasure while staying healthy 

  • How to decide which foods are best for your body 

  • How to cultivate mindful eating habits so you feel satisfied and can avoid cravings. 

Eleonora is a certified Integrative Nutrition practitioner who has decided to dedicate her life to helping people with their health, nutrition and personal development after overcoming 8 years of eating disorders and depression. 

She opened her practice in Miami in 2014, after completing her education at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. Since then, she has been coaching women all over the world helping them improve their health and permanently lose weight by simply implementing a few diet and lifestyle changes. 

After recovering from an 8-year battle with an eating disorder and depression, Eleonora decided to dedicate her life to share what she have discovered with as many people as possible to help them overcome the same struggles she had. 

S2; Ep. 9: My Own Story of Transformation - Lacey McLaughlin


Today I'm getting real about my own journey about the last year of my life in which I lost 30 pounds, quit my job, moved to a new city and launched Feminine Infusion. This is an unfiltered version of my story in which I share: 

  • The root causes of low self-esteem and shame that led to workacholism and weight gain. 

  • Why I left my job before my business was profitable or I had a single client. 

  • Why I decided to focus on my health and happiness for a year instead of work and external achievements. 

  • How I said yes to myself despite financial fears and uncertainty. 

  • Why going to see Tony Robbins created a shift, but didn't change my life. 

  • Why I took a month to face my shadow and work with healers in Costa Rica. 

  • Why my trip to Costa Rica was the inspiration for creating Feminine Infusion.

  • Why moving to Miami answered a calling I had ignored for two decades. 

  • What it's really like to relaunch a business in a new city and start over. 

  • How I used self-love and meditation to lose 30 pounds. 

  • How spirituality helped me deal with financial failures in my business this summer. 

  • How I moved through fear, judgement and anxiety and found confidence and low within myself. 

  • How to believe in unexpected miracles and stay the course, even when everything feels like it's falling apart. 


S2; Ep. 8: Leading with Purpose and Intuition with Maggie Gentry


Finding your own path and staying the course can be challenging in a world with so much noise. If you find yourself torn between what you "should" be doing and how you are spending your time or if fear and uncertainty is holding you back, this episode is for you. Today I am joined by Maggie Gentry for a conversation on how on healing yourself can also heal your business so you can lead from intuition and purpose. Today we are discussing: 

  • How to reconnect to your why daily

  • Morning routines to bring clarity and peace into your work

  • Evolving and changing with your business

  • How to shift out of worse-case scenario mindset

  • how staying present brings creates more opportunities

  • How to release expectations and uncertainty about the future

  • How to show up for yourself on a soul level

Maggie Gentry empowers creatives to Own Your Why® so that you can grow your business intentionally using a custom marketing plan built around your core values. Her unique approach blends business coaching, marketing consulting, and loads of compassion, which allows you to grow your business in a way that feels perfectly tailored to you. She is also the co-founder of Mindful Moments ATX, a self-care event series for womxn working to establish their own wellness rituals. 

S2: Ep. 7: Getting Real + Happy With Sara Wiles and Lacey Sites


Today I'm talking to two women who have a deep bond and special friendship. Remember in middle school that best friend you had who believed in you and when you were both together the rest of the world didn't exist? That is the type of friendship Lacey Sites + Sara Wiles embody. Today Lacey and Sara are discussing their own personal transformations over the years and how their friendship has evolved. By deepening their friendship they've also formed a business. 

In this episode we are discussing:

How to get real so you can form strong, long-lasting friendships.

How to talk about depression with the people in your life.

Why combining friendship + business is essential

How to grow with your friendships as life shifts and takes different directions

Sara Wiles + Lacey Sites are the co-founders of Happy Thoughts, where they give women the permission to finally be happy and the tools to do so consistently. They go live on Facebook every Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST for the Happy Thoughts Show where they empower other women to create success in the midst of happy and not so happy thoughts through sharing their own journeys and inviting their audience to do the same.

S2; Episode 6: Finding Your Soul Sisters with Gaby Guzman and Jaime Nolan


If you want to fully step into your purpose with confidence, it requires courage and soul work. Doing inner work is key for aligning with your truth and discovering what sets your soul on fire. Miami entrepreneurs Jaime Nolan and Gaby Guzman have walked through the fire of stepping into their purpose now help others realize their full potential. On this episode we are discussing how soul work fuels your personal and professional growth, how to attract soul sisters that support you and how to manifest opportunities that bring you into full alignment with your purpose. 

Gaby's passion is to help women uncover their unique talents, and strategize together on how their personal brand will flow into their businesses and come alive every day on social media platforms.Her soul is fueled by helping women see their vision, step up to it, and tell their story proudly. She does this in true sisterhood - through energy work, storytelling, and strategy.

Jaime Nolan is a health and life coach who is committed to living a life that was aligned with her desires. That meant saying no to what others expected and saying YES to herself. It meant walking down an unconventional path without a road map. Through her own experiences she has created the Fuck Yeah Life program meant getting others outside their comfort zone and taking bold, scary steps to live their best lives.

S2; Ep. 5 Building Friendships with Ideal Clients with Shelley Easter + Joy Rudolph


Whether you are just starting out in business or launching a new product or service, finding the right clients can be one the biggest challenges.

On Today’s episode I’m talking with Shelley Easter and Joy Rudolph who started as friends and progressed into a long-term working relationship. If you struggle to define the line between friend and client, want to build better relationships at networking events or want to create an offer that’s the perfect fit for your audience, this is an episode you don't want to miss. We are also discussing the power of hosting live events for your business and how to build relationships before selling services.

Shelley Easter has been building brands and websites for almost a decade. She’s passionate about helping women-owned small businesses connect with their audience and thrive online. She loves connecting with and supporting and fellow creatives through Skype chats and in-person meetups. After years of freelancing, she started her business Shiny Acorn in 2016. It was a total shift in mindset, marketing and profit.

Joy provides virtual assisting for visionaries and has over a decade of administrative experience. Since 2014, she's been helping people like you double the hours they have in a day. She'll help you find purpose in the particulars so you're freed you up to execute your big vision.

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S.2; Ep. 4: What You Need to Know Before Joining a Mastermind with Emily Marko


Joining a mastermind is a great way to build meaningful relationships and friendships, but knowing when to make that investment when building a business can be tricky. Emily Marko and I met in a mastermind last year and our story highlights the support and growth we found through investing in and supporting each other. So how do you know if you are ready to join a mastermind and how can you get the most of your experience? Join us on this episode as we dive into everything you need to know about investing in your own growth and the relationship that can help get you there. 

Emily Marko is a visual storyteller who helps passionate business owners just like you solve complex problems with pictures. Life and business can get messy! Emily's an expert at using visuals to help you capture ideas, build action plans, share stories, and move from chaos to calm.  She's a mix of strategist, coach, and artist, and has been helping clients get clear and take action for over 15 years. 

S2. Ep. 3 Taking Online Relationships Offline with Jordan Gill and Jereshia Hawk


Thanks to social media, It’s never been easier to connect with fellow solopreneurs from across the world. But taking friendships to that next level and meeting up in real life can feel daunting. But when Jereshia Hawk and Jordan Gill met in a Facebook group, these two entrepreneurs made an effort to connect in person and build a friendship even when it required hopping on planes.

As business besties, Jereshia and Jordan have helped each other transform their businesses and mindset by sharing their skills and collaborating on business offerings. On this episode we are discussing how to turn online relationships into deep relationships that can transform your business and life. 

With over 4 years of corporate Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial experience, Jereshia has led multi-million dollar projects and started two global online businesses.

After 14 months of building her business, she became a #CorporateDropout and crossed the bridge into full-time entrepreneurship. Through online courses, consulting and networking, she teachers everyday side hustlers how to leverage the corporate strategies she’s mastered to build multiple income streams by turning their ideas into income, reclaiming financial flexibility and independence.

Operations Consultant, Founder of The Kolada Group, and Host of the Systems Saved Me Podcast, Jordan Gill takes pride in saving hours (even days) around time-sucking technology decisions and an untrained team.

She has been on the stages of She's Building Her Empire, Creative CEO Conference, Success Without Sacrifice, Blog Like a Boss Brunch, and Vision Casting while also being featured in Belong Magazine!

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S2; Ep. 2: The Trek of a Lifetime with Elle Wildermuth


If you love to travel then you know that the most transformative moments happens when you get outside your comfort zone and explore a new place. For me the relationships I have formed with fellow travelers have been the highlights of any big trip I’ve taken over the last few years. 

That was the case during my first solo trip abroad to Peru when I met a wonderful group of friends during a five-day trek to Machhu Picchu, among them was Elle Wildermuth a fellow Libra and bubbly Australian who became a life-long friend and travel partner. 

In today’s episode we are talking about the transformative power of treks and being in nature, how going outside our comfort zone has led to growth and how we are preparing for a 14-day Women's Empowerment Trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal this year. 

If you crave adventure and want to challenge yourself to live life on a higher level, join Feminine Infusion on a 14-day trek through the stunning landscape of the Khumbu region of Nepal to the base of Mt. Everest. During this trek you will receive support from an experienced team of guides. The trek will also include meditations and mindset exercises to tap into your feminine power during challenging aspects of the trek.. Learn more here. 

S2; Episode 1: Getting Naked With Tish Steencamp



This season of the Who You Know podcast is all about transformation! Did you know that toxic emotions and thoughts can be stored in our bodies for decades and prevent us from living our fullest potential? 

In Today's episode Tish Steenkamp of Follow Your Bliss shares her own journey overcoming body shame and addictive behaviors through healing and inner work. Her transformation was the catalyst to help women rediscover their own power.

When I met Tish we were both solo female travelers doing some soul searching in Peru. Three years later I joined her in Costa Rica where she was leading a women’s empowerment retreat. Tish has a gift for healing women and the story of her own transformation and self-love journey is a testament to the growth that can happen when we follow our true calling. 

Tish is an earth doula and womb priestess. A torch bearer, hand holder, and light leader for women and men reawakening to the power of their own bodies. A certified MoonMother®, Tish guides woman to live, grow and work in harmony with authentic femininity, amplifying women's ability to reclaim the sacred and take action in celebration of feminine energy rather than in denial of it. She blends a wealth of healing modalities into empowering and transformative retreat experiences for women worldwide. An awakener of the bliss body and a leader in emerging feminine consciousness she brings her gifts forward to help women transcend blocks, balance energy and activate a healthy mind, body spirit relationship.

Are you looking to connect with likeminded women and find support to live your best life? If so join Feminine Infusion in Costa Rica Jan. 6 - 11 for our Women’s Mind + Body Empowerment Retreat with Follow Your Bliss. If you struggle with burn out, stress, body shame or anxiety, this retreat experience will help you awaken your feminine power, heal and recharge so you can live your deepest truth without fear During this retreat you will not only find empowerment in a supportive, loving space but you will also have time to explore local beaches, waterfalls and experience Pura Vida on your terms. Click here for more information.