Own Your Story, Elevate Your Personal Brand

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I don’t have to be the one to tell you that there’s greatness inside you. You’re a purpose-driven female entrepreneur who knows the power of story. 

You’ve already achieved success and overcome challenges. You’ve made a name for yourself in your industry and now it’s time to step into the spotlight.

Together we’ll spend an entire weekend bringing your story to life, elevating your personal brand and crafting a message that will get you on that Tedx stage, land that book deal and help you become KNOWN for what you do best. 

I know you want to build something big. I know because I do too. 

It takes a lot of effort to build a personal brand but it starts with killer copy, a powerful message and a content marketing strategy that establishes you as an authority. It also requires creating space, setting intentions and tapping in.

Spend an entire day learning heart-centered content marketing strategies and clarifying your message with a group of kick-ass women.

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I created the Own Your Story Online Retreat to give women strategy and space to get clarity, create a bigger vision and carve out time to do the work. 

More than just strategy, you’ll create meaningful connections and feel seen and heard. 

🙌 If I asked if your email opt-in and nurturing sequence is adding new subscribers to your list on a weekly basis, would you give me a fist bump?

🙌 How about a story bank packed with brand images, content themes, subtopics and copy stocked and ready for your Instagram and Facebook feed?

🙌 And what about that compelling sales page that gets “How did she know?” “That’s totally me!” “It’s like you read my mind” responses

🙌 Do you have a press kit or speaker reel that reflects your core message gets results? 

Building a personal brand doesn’t happen overnight. That means the best time to start is now. Once you have the right systems, a strategy and clarity about what you actually want to say, you’ll land those speaking gigs, press opportunities and brand partnerships with ease. 

That means no more …

✳️ Random email pitches to conference organizers that go into a dark hole. 

✳️ Crickets when you launch program or new offering to a distracted audience. 

✳️ Time spent chasing shiny objects because now you have clarity to keep your eyes on the prize.

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Your story is your superpower, but not if you don’t share it.


I know what it’s like to play it safe. I started a business to create the life I desired but found myself paralyzed with overwhelm, fear and uncertainty.

If I didn’t put myself out there, I didn’t have to risk rejection and vulnerability.

But I struggled to attract clients and business opportunities. People approached me but I couldn’t clearly define my value and offerings, so I left money and opportunities on the table.

When I finally decided to show up consistently and offer valuable content and share my own stories of empowerment and perseverance, I began to attract perfect opportunities and clients effortlessly.

I didn’t have to spend a giant marketing budget. I didn’t have to bankroll expensive Facebook ads or Google Adwords.

Cultivate Your Voice 

When you own your voice, you have endless opportunities to thrive and share your purpose.  

On Sept 28 + 29, you’ll have the opportunity to join me and 6 other amazing women to get a clear content marketing strategy, learning effective copywriting techniques and bring your story to life.

In a world with so many distractions and noise, telling your story in a unique and relevant way has never been more important. By writing your story with an authentic voice and creating content that your audience craves, you have the opportunity to be seen and heard by those who matter most.

This two-day retreat for women who want to redefine their stories and blend their story into their brand through unique content creation.

Define Your Personal Style


This retreat includes workshop to define your personal brand style with photographer Wave Wyld. You also have the option for an add-on photo shoot. Attendees will create their own style guide and learn to harness platforms such as Instagram. Don’t have a brand photographer on call? No problem. You’ll also learn how to master phone photography, use natural light, composition and editing.

At the Own Your Story Online Retreat We Will: 

  • Define your story and brand message

  • Assess your strengths and opportunity for powerful storytelling

  • Identify the platforms and audiences that have the biggest opportunity to create the biggest ROI.

  • Create a story bank so you’ll never run out of things to say

  • Write copy during the session through journaling prompts that you can use for your blogs, websites and social media.

    This is for you if you want to:

  • Learn copywriting strategies to pitch your product or service without being spammy

  • Identify how to best communicate your value and share your message through public speaking opportunities, books and 

  • Learn how to begin marketing yourself consistently & confidently

See you in Hollywood, Florida!

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This retreat includes overnight accommodation in a shared Airbnb with a hot tub, located a short Trolley ride from the beach.

The entire space is bright and inviting. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect, recharge and focus on creating the big-picture work that is required to grow your business.

You’ll have the opportunity to get direct feedback and branding advice the entire weekend from Lacey and Wave. The entire experience is much less than working with us 1:1.

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Our Weekend Together

This experience is limited to 6 women and will take place in Hollywood, Florida on Sept. 27. The schedule will follow:

      9:00 - 9:30 Arrive (Light breakfast items + coffee provided)

      10 - 11:30 p.m. Uncover your Intuition

      11:30 - 12:30 p.m.  Journal activity: Uncovering Strengths + Defining Experiences

     12:30 - 1:15 Lunch (provided)

      1:15 - 3 p.m. Content Hot Seats + Strategy

      3 - 5 p.m. Personal Branding Style Workshop with Wave Wyld

      5 p.m. - 6 p.m. Facebook Ads + Building Your Funnel with Caroline Castille 

      7:30 - 9 p.m. Dinner 


8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Yoga + Meditation 

10:30 - noon Brunch (not included) 

12  - 5 p.m. Coworking or Branded Photo Shoot (add on)

5:00 p.m. Closing circle

Save your spot with a payment of $325 and a second installment of $325 in 30 days.

One payment of $600