For more than a decade I stayed in jobs that hurt my soul. I dated men who didn't honor me. When I started my business, I worked nonstop trying to prove my value to everyone but myself. Despite working 80 to 100 hours each week, I wasn't getting closer to my goals of traveling the world and running a location independent business. I was 40 pounds overweight and was in a shame spiral so deep that it impacted my relationships and ability to manifest abundance.

In 2016, I created Idea Dinners, a venture that pairs together entrepreneurs and innovators to share ideas and build community over creative dinner parties. Helping others create connections and grow their ideas gave me so much joy and fulfillment. But as I learned the ropes of running a business I sought out the advice and friendships of successful female entrepreneurs and it was then I saw a need to bring strong, supportive women together learn and grow. I created a membership community for female entrepreneurs in Central Florida and a retreat that brought together successful women from across the country to share their skills. 

Despite my success, I was out of alignment and I was so disconnected from my body and inner voice. I created a community to empower women but realized that I had to first empower myself if I wanted to lead other women. I knew I wanted to attract and flow rather than push and pull. I wanted to create a business that was fully aligned with my core mission and simplify my obligation-packed schedule so I could bring joy and creativity back into my life. 

I finally quit my job but was overwhelmed by the uncertainty of full-time entrepreneurship. Determined to reconnect with my feminine power and unique wisdom, I began a journey of yoga, spiritual practices, breath work and meditation. My journey took me all the way to the jungles of Costa Rica where I learned from healers, experienced plant medicine and discovered tools to overcome fears with calm clarity.  When I began doing inner work I uncovered deep seated limiting beliefs about my self worth and released emotions of shame and guilt that had been stored in my body and were impacting every part of my life. 

My journey inspired me to create Feminine Infusion, a global community with intimate retreats and live events to help women find support and empowerment to live their truth. Whether you want to travel the world, build a business, manifest your big dreams, or find serenity while going through a major life change, this community is for you. In addition to live events, Feminine Infusion is a place where you can find trusted experts to support you in your goals, learn mindset tools and work with me to learn how to tell and share your own story with a heart-centered approach and create content that reflects your core values. 

Welcome, sister. I can't wait to see you sparkle and glow.