Getting off the Hustle Hamster Wheel and going on a Digital Detox Retreat

This is part 1 of a 2-part series

When I arrived to Finca Exotica in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, it wasn’t just a digital detox retreat I needed. I needed a detox from all the noise, bad habits and subconscious patterns in my life.

I want to start this blog off by saying, yes I realized how privileged I am that when I hit a wall I could book a plane ticket to another country and turn off my phone for a week.

 I debated going on a digital detox retreat for several weeks, unsure how I could step away from my clients and workload. 

The yoga deck at Finca Exotica where I found phone-free zen

The yoga deck at Finca Exotica where I found phone-free zen

But in the end, I realized that a healthy dose of self care and the time to re-evaluate my priorities would be the best gift I could give myself. So often when we are under stress, we feel guilty for taking time out for ourselves. I realized that for months I have been operating in a state of overwhelm, and after talking to more women I’m realizing how common it is to feel this way. 

Reasons to go on a digital detox

  • Going through a life transition and needing time to process 

  • Inability to stop checking your phone for work-related matters 

  • To recharge from burn out 

  • The desire to tap in and remove yourself from external influences 

We are bombarded with messages from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. Our phones help us stay connected while also creating constant FOMO and comparisionities. And as women, we have more opportunities than ever for choosing what path we want to take in life, but that can also lead to decision fatigue and the nagging feeling that we are dropping the ball somewhere else. This juggling act is exhaustive. 

Most days I pick up my phone over 200 times and use it for an average of four hours a day. That adds up to 5,824 hours a year. When I shut my phone off, I realized just how much space it takes up in my life. What exactly am I checking for that I think is so important? Sometimes it’s for connection. But most of the time, it’s to distract, sooth, escape or channel anxiety. 

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Our phones have become a socially acceptable addiction. What else could you spend this much time doing without family or friends hosting an intervention?

I promise you that none of us are going to look back on our lives on our deathbeds and wish we had spent more time on social media. 

In the last year I moved to a new city, closed a business and started a new one. As I put in long hours and lots of hustle to make it all work, my body began showing signs of stress. I struggled to make it through the day with less than four cups of coffee, which did little to help my taxed adrenal glands. 

The main problem with being glued to social media all the time is that our thoughts are constantly being interrupted by a lot of ego stroking, comparison traps and feelings of FOMO. If you truly want to make a change, it’s so important to step back from all the noise and tap into your own intuition. 

So that’s how I found myself on a plane to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, where I swapped my phone for some good ole’ jungle bathing. To find out more about how this detox went down, stay tuned for next week’s post and podcast. 

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