PODCAST - S3; Ep. 5: When Business Partnerships Go Bust with Thomas Luginbill

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Sometimes success can create blind spots that ultimately pave the way toward failure.

Whether it’s red flags in a business partnership or some kinks we haven’t quite worked out in our business model, sometimes failure is inevitable even when all signs point toward success.

On today’s podcast, Thomas Luginbill shares how his first venture, a solar panel installation company, ended with a failed partnership and lawsuit after years of rapid growth. As the Director of Entrepreneur & Innovation at the College of Southern Maryland, Thomas now shares what he’s learned throughout his entrepreneur journey so that his students can avoid similar mistakes.

In today’s episode, we’re covering:

  • Why it’s easy to overlook problems when you're making money

  • The pitfalls of growing too big too fast

  • What to do when a business partnership ends in dispute

  • How life after failure can be liberating

  • Why not asking for help is a form of arrogance