PODCAST S3. Ep. 6 From Starving Artist to Thriving Artpreneur with Michelle Gomez

If you’re struggling to make money with your creative business, personal development can be a game changer for getting unstuck.

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In today’s episode, Michelle Ivette Gomez dispells the myth that artists have to struggle financially to do what they love. By learning to value herself, set boundaries and accept failure as feedback, Michelle now helps women artists turn into artpreneurs so they too can do what they love.

As the Founder & Creative Director of Creative Unions Event Design LLC, the first event planning company dedicated to integrating contemporary art into life’s celebrations, Michelle views marriage celebrations as specially curated art exhibitions that bring people together to celebrate and express unique love stories.

After having founded her own successful art business, she serves as a Launch Strategist for Womxn identifying Artists wanting to launch their own art businesses by coaching her clients on business strategy and emotional intelligence so they too can do what they love (and get paid for it).

On Today’s episode we are discussing:

  • Why Failure is Feedback for the Next Step

  • Course correcting vs. giving up

  • How to level-up relationships & find support

  • How to go all in when it feels scary

  • Why alignment often takes several iterations

  • Honoring your boundaries in work and life

  • How to get results by being consistent

  • How to tap into your creativity by scheduling a weekly date with yourself

  • How to be heart-driven instead of ego-driven