PODCAST S3; Ep. 2: Taking Financial Risks that Pay Off with Karissa Littlejohn

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In those moments when your back is up against the wall, every entrepreneur has a choice: to keep going or give up. Sometimes just the decision to keep going can lead to unexpected paths even if it’s a destination you didn’t intend on.

Last year Karissa Littlejohn quit her day job to produce luxury destination retreats and personal development programs for high-achieving women that combine self-care with unique travel experiences. Since launching She Flies Solo in 2016, Karissa has produced dozens of successful retreats, brunches, workshops and events to build community among professional women.

Making her business profitable though required several pivots along the way and leaps of faith. When Karissa saw an unmet need in the travel industry to create experiences for busy healthcare professionals to make time for self care to avoid burnout, she launched The Nurses Travel Network, quickly selling out two Nurses Week destination retreats in Bali and Nurses Takeover Thailand. Through her partnerships with influencers and industry partners, Karissa is now expanding the Nurses Travel Network to include year-round events and retreats to bring nurses together around the world.

In this episode we discuss:

When to take a leap of faith and when to stay grounded

  • How to leverage debt to invest in your growth

  • Listening to your gut + knowing when to take financial risks

  • How to find the sweet spot in your business to increase cash flow

  • How to build relationships with influencers + grow your brand

  • Why running out of money is good for clarity

  • How to find a new niche when your niche is saturated