PODCAST S3; Ep. 4 How to Find your Why and Keep Going

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The experiences that shape us often serve as the catalyst for taking big steps in our lives and finding our purpose. But what do you do when those experiences are difficult to share?

On today’s episode Jason Demchok, a modern-day Tibetan Buddhism lama who works with busy professionals, shares how his desire to find a solution for his crippling panic attacks and depression led him on a quest around the world to transform his health. He has dedicated two decades of his life to studying Buddhist philosophy, positive psychology, and holistic health.

As an authorized teacher of Tibetan Buddhism Jason now helps busy professionals and leaders stay relaxed and focused so they can achieve their career and life goals.  As a result of turning his life around, Jason serves as a guide for individuals to achieve an optimal level of focus, balance and peace in their lives. In addition to using time-tested mindfulness, concentration, and contemplation techniques, he also uses his vast understanding of exercise, foods and herbs, to support his clients in restoring their body to a healthy place.

In today’s episode, we are discussing:

  • The importance of breathing

  • How to calm your mind when nothing else is working

  • What to do when following your bliss doesn’t work out like you thought

  • How to find more fulfillment in your everyday life

Learn more about Jason here.