PODCAST S3; Ep. 3 How to Get Out of Comparison and Build an Authentic Personal Brand


If you’ve ever been caught in a comparison trap and aren’t sure how to create an authentic brand, this episode is for you. Today I’m speaking with Wave Wyld, a Toronto-based personal brand photographer on how she reinvented herself and built a business that reflects her core values.

Wave operated a wedding photography business and after 10 years experienced creative and business burnout that led to her going back to school to complete a degree in kinesiology. After she completed her degree, she enrolled in a yoga teacher training program, which helped to transform her life. She became a dedicated yoga teacher and picked up her camera to take photos of other yogis. Her passion for photography got reawakened and in fall 2018 relaunched her photography business with a focus on creating personal brand imagery.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What to do when making money feels for hard for you but easy for everyone else

  • How to stay in an abundance mindset even when times are tough

  • How to quickly bounce back from rejection

  • How to cultivate self trust to make better business decisions

  • How to stop being weird about money and own your prices

  • How to pivot at any stage in your business or life

  • How to shed what’s no longer working and manifest your deepest desires