PODCAST S3; Ep. 1: How to Get Out of Debt + Write a Bestseller with Tyler Wagner

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When Tyler Wagner dropped out of college he was $80,000 in debt and he didn’t exactly have a plan for how he’d recover financially. 

But he knew he wanted to be a speaker and author so he sought out opportunities to grow his network by reaching out to conference organizers and volunteering. What resulted was key relationships with high-level entrepreneurs and writing “Conference Crushing,” a book that has helped thousands of people maximize their time at networking events. 

In today’s episode we discuss how Tyler paid off his debt in 2 years and the business failure that paved the way for Authors Unite where he now helps people write, publish, and market their first profitable book.Since starting Authors Unite, Tyler has helped 250+ people become profitable, bestselling authors. 

In this episode were talking about:

  • How not to let debt define you or hold you back

  • How to build a network with high-level entrepreneurs when you’re just starting out

  • How to bounce back when business partnerships fail

  • How to get out of a mindset rut after a failure

  • How to identify and leverage your core genius to start over