S2: Ep. 7: Getting Real + Happy With Sara Wiles and Lacey Sites


Today I'm talking to two women who have a deep bond and special friendship. Remember in middle school that best friend you had who believed in you and when you were both together the rest of the world didn't exist? That is the type of friendship Lacey Sites + Sara Wiles embody. Today Lacey and Sara are discussing their own personal transformations over the years and how their friendship has evolved. By deepening their friendship they've also formed a business. 

In this episode we are discussing:

How to get real so you can form strong, long-lasting friendships.

How to talk about depression with the people in your life.

Why combining friendship + business is essential

How to grow with your friendships as life shifts and takes different directions

Sara Wiles + Lacey Sites are the co-founders of Happy Thoughts, where they give women the permission to finally be happy and the tools to do so consistently. They go live on Facebook every Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST for the Happy Thoughts Show where they empower other women to create success in the midst of happy and not so happy thoughts through sharing their own journeys and inviting their audience to do the same.