S2; Ep. 9: My Own Story of Transformation - Lacey McLaughlin


Today I'm getting real about my own journey about the last year of my life in which I lost 30 pounds, quit my job, moved to a new city and launched Feminine Infusion. This is an unfiltered version of my story in which I share: 

  • The root causes of low self-esteem and shame that led to workacholism and weight gain. 

  • Why I left my job before my business was profitable or I had a single client. 

  • Why I decided to focus on my health and happiness for a year instead of work and external achievements. 

  • How I said yes to myself despite financial fears and uncertainty. 

  • Why going to see Tony Robbins created a shift, but didn't change my life. 

  • Why I took a month to face my shadow and work with healers in Costa Rica. 

  • Why my trip to Costa Rica was the inspiration for creating Feminine Infusion.

  • Why moving to Miami answered a calling I had ignored for two decades. 

  • What it's really like to relaunch a business in a new city and start over. 

  • How I used self-love and meditation to lose 30 pounds. 

  • How spirituality helped me deal with financial failures in my business this summer. 

  • How I moved through fear, judgement and anxiety and found confidence and low within myself. 

  • How to believe in unexpected miracles and stay the course, even when everything feels like it's falling apart.