S2; Ep. 5 Building Friendships with Ideal Clients with Shelley Easter + Joy Rudolph


Whether you are just starting out in business or launching a new product or service, finding the right clients can be one the biggest challenges.

On Today’s episode I’m talking with Shelley Easter and Joy Rudolph who started as friends and progressed into a long-term working relationship. If you struggle to define the line between friend and client, want to build better relationships at networking events or want to create an offer that’s the perfect fit for your audience, this is an episode you don't want to miss. We are also discussing the power of hosting live events for your business and how to build relationships before selling services.

Shelley Easter has been building brands and websites for almost a decade. She’s passionate about helping women-owned small businesses connect with their audience and thrive online. She loves connecting with and supporting and fellow creatives through Skype chats and in-person meetups. After years of freelancing, she started her business Shiny Acorn in 2016. It was a total shift in mindset, marketing and profit.

Joy provides virtual assisting for visionaries and has over a decade of administrative experience. Since 2014, she's been helping people like you double the hours they have in a day. She'll help you find purpose in the particulars so you're freed you up to execute your big vision.

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