S2; Ep. 2: The Trek of a Lifetime with Elle Wildermuth


If you love to travel then you know that the most transformative moments happens when you get outside your comfort zone and explore a new place. For me the relationships I have formed with fellow travelers have been the highlights of any big trip I’ve taken over the last few years. 

That was the case during my first solo trip abroad to Peru when I met a wonderful group of friends during a five-day trek to Machhu Picchu, among them was Elle Wildermuth a fellow Libra and bubbly Australian who became a life-long friend and travel partner. 

In today’s episode we are talking about the transformative power of treks and being in nature, how going outside our comfort zone has led to growth and how we are preparing for a 14-day Women's Empowerment Trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal this year. 

If you crave adventure and want to challenge yourself to live life on a higher level, join Feminine Infusion on a 14-day trek through the stunning landscape of the Khumbu region of Nepal to the base of Mt. Everest. During this trek you will receive support from an experienced team of guides. The trek will also include meditations and mindset exercises to tap into your feminine power during challenging aspects of the trek.. Learn more here.