S2; Episode 1: Getting Naked With Tish Steencamp



This season of the Who You Know podcast is all about transformation! Did you know that toxic emotions and thoughts can be stored in our bodies for decades and prevent us from living our fullest potential? 

In Today's episode Tish Steenkamp of Follow Your Bliss shares her own journey overcoming body shame and addictive behaviors through healing and inner work. Her transformation was the catalyst to help women rediscover their own power.

When I met Tish we were both solo female travelers doing some soul searching in Peru. Three years later I joined her in Costa Rica where she was leading a women’s empowerment retreat. Tish has a gift for healing women and the story of her own transformation and self-love journey is a testament to the growth that can happen when we follow our true calling. 

Tish is an earth doula and womb priestess. A torch bearer, hand holder, and light leader for women and men reawakening to the power of their own bodies. A certified MoonMother®, Tish guides woman to live, grow and work in harmony with authentic femininity, amplifying women's ability to reclaim the sacred and take action in celebration of feminine energy rather than in denial of it. She blends a wealth of healing modalities into empowering and transformative retreat experiences for women worldwide. An awakener of the bliss body and a leader in emerging feminine consciousness she brings her gifts forward to help women transcend blocks, balance energy and activate a healthy mind, body spirit relationship.

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