S2; Ep. 14: Stop Doubting and Start Manifesting with Shauna Altes


Are you tired of letting doubt run the show? If so, today's episode is all about how to open yourself up to creative possibilities and bring your dreams into fruition. Manifesting isn't always as easy as just changing your thoughts and today's guest Shauna Altes, founder of Maple Box Kids, shares how she's manifested more than $14,000 for a Kickstarter campaign to launch her business, investment to scale her business and her dream home. 

In 2011 Shauna began her career in the wedding industry, owning her own wedding planning company . In 2013 she expanded and founded a floral company and built the business to create events for multiple weddings a weekend all over central Florida. In the midst of weddings every weekend her two little boys were growing fast and she craved time with them. She was overwhelmed with the amount of clutter that caused stress in her home. She wanted to simplify and dig deep instead of wide.

She made it her mission to remove the clutter from her life and to keep only the things that brought deep joy and satisfaction, and she designed toys, stories and experiences that made quality time with her boys easier and impact on the environment minimal so she could focus on the joy of spending time together.

This is why she created Maple Box Kids and The Radiant.org to help bring clarity and connection into others lives.