S2; Ep. 12: The Transformation of Motherhood with Jaime Nolan


There’s no doubt about it, having kids can change everything. As women it can be complex to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood while giving ourselves permission to live authentically, follow our desires and create an identity outside of our role as parents. On today’s podcast Jaime Nolan, life coach and mother of three, gives the real deal on her own transformation as a mother. In this episode we are discussing:

  • Why making the decision to have kids isn’t always black & white

  • How to surrender your plans while being intentional about your time and energy

  • Why mom guilt never goes away but how you can make peace with it

  • Why you can’t have it all but you can create space for your own pursuits and work

  • How to avoid the parent obligation trap so you can have more time for what truly matters

  • How to define your own identity outside motherhood

  • How to slowly build a successful business as a new mom

Connect with Jaime here or @jaimenolan on Instagram!